Conversion to new options: done

It took a year but at least it is done! Huge thanks to all people involved in the new Option Framework.

So now what we have:

What still needs to be done:

With the previous done, my 2 main priorities for FreeBSD now are:

Anonymous wrote on 2013/06/06 :

Could you explain what this mean in practice for pkgng?

Bapt wrote on 2013/06/06 :

Is that the list of thing done in pkg 1.1 you are looking for ? if yes you can find them here: http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-ports-announce/2013-May/000060.html

Anonymous wrote on 2013/06/06 :

Actually, as a PCBSD user who is not too proficient with ports internals I'd be interested in what the benefit for pkgng is?

bapt wrote on 2013/06/07 :

PC-BSD is now using pkgng by default, pkgng gives you faster and safer installation/upgrade of the system in PC-BSD

ari wrote on 2013/06/09 :

From where I'm standing, the new options have been a disaster. They have caused more problems in the last year than I've had with the ports system in the last 15 years.

The problem mostly has been the haphazard rollout and lack of any documentation. Reading shell scripts and trial and error, really isn't the same as documentation.

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